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“Music is our first love ", as much as we love being popular Wedding planners in Algarve, it will be forever a huge honour to perform at our couples ceremonies and make sure their special songs make that amazing moment in their lives complete.

On top of this Double Cocktail is a guarantee your party is one which your guests will speak about for years to come.


We look forward to meeting you and help you organise your so special day with love and dedication into the very last detail A day where you only have one chance to pick great music:  Double Cocktail is a bespoke guarantee!

Songwriter, experienced female lead singer and dancer. professional MC and Toast master. Huge experience in music and dance. Working as a professional in the wedding scene in Algarve Portugal for Wedding Planner Algarve. TV performances in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. 


Experienced multi-vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, Professional DJ and studio producer.Has been performing TV & radio shows, clubs in Europe and the Caribbean. He performed as a candidate for the RTP National Song Festival in Portugal (Eurovision Song Festival). Nick name: Bonocino - "the man with the 1000 voices" CEO Wedding Planner Algarve Weddings by the Ateam 

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DC Steffie 4.jpg
“Double Cocktail" is born out of a well-known 5-piece Dutch band called "Boulevard Avenue" David and Stefanie were the lead singers in this formation. How come this name, "Double Cocktail"?

Stefanie is Dutch with Northern European features, David is from Latin origin, this exotic mixture brought the duo to this name (a mixture of colour and nationalities).

Double Cocktail is exclusive available for weddings in Algarve organised by  


Double Cocktail won several awards voted by UK and Irish couples:


Best Wedding Abroad supplier of the year 

Winner of the Brides choice Awards 

 in recognition of unmatched quality and customer service.


Their contagious music energy is unbeatable and the perfect accurate and solid “in pitch” vocal harmonies are second to none, making this band the most popular in the Algarve, Portugal. 

Their unparalleled feedback from wedding couples, wedding guests and wedding professionals you can find all over the internet.


Don’t settle for less when you can have the best quality for your wedding day.....

As we mentioned above already.........You only have one chance to make it perfect!



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